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Decline Job Offer or Withdrawing from Consideration Letter

This letter is sent to decline an offer of employment. It is important to send such a letter to assure good relations with the firm. This organization may become a future customer, client, supplier, or even your future employer. Therefore, positive relations are most beneficial. Based on your reason for rejecting the employment offer, the letter may take one of two basic forms. If you are declining the offer because you have accepted another position, simply indicate that it was a difficult decision but that another opportunity more closely fit your career goals. If, on the other hand, you have declined the position based on the terms of the offer, state the reason for not accepting. This leaves the door open for renegotiation or a counter offer. In either case be sure to specifically identify the position by name to avoid any confusion. It is also important to include a positive thank you statement.


If you need an accessible format, please contact the Career Development Center at (812) 941-2275.