Beginner's Tour

Listen to our short, self-guided audio tour of the IU Southeast Library, narrated by two of our Librarians, Courtney Block and Christopher Proctor, or read the short introduction below to situate yourself to the Library building.

Welcome to the IU Southeast Library! Located adjacent to Hillside Hall and only a few steps from Crestview, the Library's glass front entrance and circular tower can be seen from across campus. When you first walk into the Library, you are on the second floor (the building it built on a hill).

Reference Desk

As you enter the main (second) floor of the Library, the first thing you see is the circular Reference Desk. While Reference Librarians are not in the Library to assist you in person during the Fall 2020 semester, we are available virtually to help you find the most efficient way to get the information you need — and that is probably the most important thing you need to know about the Library.

Talk with a Reference Librarian during our virtual reference hours. We are here to help you.

Circulation Desk

To the left of the Reference Desk you will see the Circulation Desk where you check out and return books and borrow materials that your instructors have placed on reserve for your class.

Adaptive Technology Center

The Adaptive Technology Center (ATC) is located on the main floor of the Library, on the same wall as the Circulation Desk. The purpose of the ATC at the Indiana University Southeast Library is to help people with disabilities of all ages throughout the community enhance their lives and increase their independence and productivity through the use of adaptive technology.

Technology available in the Adaptive Technology Center.

Computer Workstations

Computers are located throughout the library for both individual and group use. There are two collaborative screen-sharing stations on the second (main) floor of the library and all group study rooms are equipped with flat screen TVs connected to computers, with the ability to connect laptops as well. (Additional information about the technology available in group study rooms is available on our Room Reservations. Carrels with computers on the 1st and 3rd floors provide individual quiet areas to work.

Third Floor Book Stacks

Circulating books are shelved on the top (third) floor, arranged in Library of Congress call number order. You may retrieve these books and use them in the Library or take them downstairs for checkout.

First Floor Periodical Stacks

On the bottom (first) floor you will find current and past issues of periodicals — magazines and journals — arranged on the shelves alphabetically by the title of the magazine or journal. Newspapers are kept on the main (second) floor. Note that for the Fall 2020 semester, all print copies of our periodicals are housed on the first floor which is closed to the public. Please contact a Reference Librarian if you need access to a print journal downstairs.

You can browse or search for a specific periodical using our Find full-text Journals A-Z List. You can also search IUCAT for the title of a periodical to see if it is available in the library or electronically.

Study Areas

COVID-19 Update

In an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, please practice social distancing within the library and do not study in groups.

The first floor of the Library is closed until further notice.

Group study rooms on the 3rd floor (rooms 302 and 320) are available for single users for quiet study only. These rooms are available on a first come-first served basis. Please make sure to sanitize the area before use and be mindful of others who may also need a private study area.

The IU Southeast Library is the study center of the campus. With a variety of study environments, you can choose a quiet corner on the first floor, or a busy lounge on the main floor. Seating types include private carrels, traditional tables and chairs, and soft seating areas distributed throughout the library. If you need a quiet place to study, the first floor of the Library is reserved as a Quiet Study area. If you need to work on a group project or study as a group, there are also group study rooms available to reserve on the first and third floors.