The Office of Institutional Effectiveness conducts campus assessments throughout the academic year. These assessments provide information about student satisfaction, the student experience, and engagement. Summaries of those reports are provided in the reports on this page. Placement and Employment information is located in the Alumni Survey and the Graduating Student Survey.

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (Last Review 2009-10)

Specialized Reporting

For specialized reports of IU Southeast Institutional Assessments, please fill out our Institutional Effectiveness Data and Survey Request form or contact Sara Spalding at or (812) 941-2147.

Adult-Learner Services Report

The importance of IU Southeast's adult learners (age 25+) rises with the expected decline of the region's traditional students. Yet their needs, concerns, and goals tend to differ. To better attract, retain, and graduate our student populations, we need to know about them. But much of what is known of college-goers relates to those recently out of high school. Consequently, a growing number of institutions are making the adult learner population more visible and the campus culture more welcoming and effective in their behalf.

To this end, IU Southeast has just concluded a systematic campus study of our adult learner services, assessed through two reputable instruments using a common set of principles known to be effective with this population based on measurable benchmarks. Formal inquiry also included completion of the 57-item Institutional Self-Assessment Survey (ISAS) of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) by a campus assessment team of 18 members, who also consulted with other knowledgeable peers to rate the university's resources and activities in relation to the national benchmarks embedded in ALI. CAEL cross-analyzed the two instruments, after which the campus team further mined the data, including as re-sorted by a dozen demographic groups.

Dining Services Survey

Administrative Affairs has administered the Dining Services survey semi-annually since 2009 to measure satisfaction with the University Food Court and its offerings.

Improvement of Writing Report

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) was asked by the Faculty Senate Improvement of Writing Committee to assist in the development, administration and analysis of survey data regarding writing across the curriculum at Indiana University Southeast. More information regarding the committee and survey administration can be found in that committee's end-of-year report to the Faculty Senate.

Alumni Survey

The Indiana University Southeast Alumni Survey was created in the Spring 2012 Semester to obtain data necessary for the Office of Effectiveness (OIE), the Office of Development, and the Career Development Center. Information is collected pertaining to employment, graduate education, preparation for after college, perception of IU Southeast, satisfaction with the college experience, and updated contact information. Results are sent to various campus constituents to drive decision-making and answer external data requests. IU Southeast graduates are surveyed at the following times: 6 months after graduation, 1 year after graduation, 3 years after graduation and 5 years after graduation. The 2012 administration included a sample of graduates from as far back as 1977.

Fast Facts:

Bridge Tolls Survey

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness created a survey to gauge how the construction and subsequent tolling of a new bridge opening in 2017 to connect the east end of Louisville with Southern Indiana will impact our students, faculty and staff. The instrument measures the impact of tolling and solicits strategies to help support our campus constituents during the tolling period. Results are being shared with the campus community and with various external stakeholders.

Academic Advising Survey

Part of the Academic Advising Assessment Plan, this report is comprised of a pair of surveys. The first survey is sent to all enrolled undergraduate students and is designed to measure student satisfaction with academic advising. The second survey is sent to professional advisors and faculty advisors, who are asked to perceive the satisfaction of their “average” advisee. The goal is to match advisor perception with student perception to identify discrepancies that can stimulate changes in advising attitudes and behaviors. In addition, advisors are asked their satisfaction with institutional and staff support for their jobs. Student and advisor comments are also included.  

Graduating Student Survey

This survey is administered, on an ongoing basis, to all graduating students when they apply for graduation. Students are asked about their experiences at IU Southeast, including courses, faculty, staff, processes, and campus programming. The reports below provide summaries of data across multiple years, including growth comparisons through the final year of the report.

All Student Survey (formerly Continuing Student Survey)

This survey is administered every other year to a sample of undergraduate and graduate students in randomly selected courses. In 2013, the survey was substantially shortened and altered to focus on current campus initiatives. Prior to 2013, students were asked about their experiences at IU Southeast, including courses, faculty, staff, processes, and campus programming. The reports below provide summaries of data across multiple years, including growth comparisons where available.






Student Government Association (SGA) Survey

This survey was first administered in Fall 2013 to all undergraduates at IU Southeast. The survey’s focus, designed by the SGA, is to collect data on current students to help drive SGA decision-making over the next year. Students were asked their thoughts on a variety of topics including: instructor use of Oncourse, student goals, preferred communication methods, course offering preferences, food court satisfaction, and IU Southeast athletics.

Entering Student Survey

This survey is administered on an ongoing basis to new, incoming students during placement testing and post-admission to the institution. Students are asked about their academic interests and needs, demographics, employment and college payment plans, co-curricular interests, college choice and self-rated abilities. In addition, the ESS First Choice Report is a condensed version of the ESS that is made available to a variety of entities including the Office of Admissions, University Communications and Marketing, and Enrollment Management.

Faculty Surveys

The Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) faculty survey was first administered in 2011 and can be administered every 3 years with approved funding. The highlight report below provides a snapshot of the IU Southeast faculty experience from the HERI 2011 administration. Additionally, during preparations for the accreditation visit from the Higher Learning Commission, faculty were surveyed about their perceptions of the institution, assessment, service, and general education. These data were considerably helpful in both preparing for the accreditation visit and informing the administration about faculty concerns. Since that time, the Academic Assessment Committee has collaborated with OIE to establish a routine evaluation of the faculty. The 2008 results are also below.

Campus Climate Survey

In an effort to identify areas of success and concern related to our campus climate, the Diversity Committee worked with OIE to develop and implement IU Southeast’s first climate survey in Fall 2011. Faculty, staff, and students were asked questions about their experiences and perceptions related to diversity on our campus. The survey will be administered every 3 years from that point forward. The reports below provide summaries of all responses from faculty, staff, and students.



Fall 2020 Student Check-In Survey

The Indiana University Southeast Fall 2020 Student Check-In Survey was created in response to the unprecedented conditions created by the novel Covid-19 virus. The goal of this survey was to learn about student experiences and collect input for actionable areas.

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